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Healing with Sound Frequencies?

Another hidden talent sound holds

Hey! I hope you have made plans for yourself this week. As the weather cools down, we can unwind and spend time inside. I will be sharing my experience with using sound frequencies and a TIP on how to use them with our New Arrival!

Have you listened to different sound frequencies before?

  • Never have

  • Yes I have

  • I didn't know about them


The thought of sound repairing and pivoting our mental state is quite mind boggling, but it's true and it definitely works. I spent years using sound for relaxation, then I came across the Solfeggio Frequencies. I began listening on Youtube for a few minutes throughout the day. After each session, I would notice reduced tension, instant calmness, and the urge to connect with my inner being.

There are various different frequencies you can listen to and they all benefit the mind and body in so many ways. I truly recommend trying this frequency out especially if you find yourself feeling stuck, uneasy, stressed, or when your body is in pain. As always, do your own research on meditative sounds... but a little sound ain't never hurt nobody..

( The feeling after finally trying sound frequencies )

Welcome our New Arrival this week 174 Hz, the scent notes include sweet plum and cashmere. If you're looking for a beautiful candle to add into your meditation space, or a light sweet scent for your home.. THIS IS THE ONE!

TIP: light your candle, tune into 174 Hz on youtube and close your eyes. Try to focus on full body relaxation and full deep breathes. This has been a true game changer for me, especially when I need an energy boost or when my stress levels are high.

That's all for today.. Thank you for reading ☺

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