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So, it's December Already?

This year has been very eventful and maybe that's why it feels to have went by so fast.. I just feel like I blink and the next year is already on it's way. 2023! Wow.. it feels crazy to say that and I couldn't be more thankful to be here. I cannot wait to see what this year brings.. I know it will be filled be opportunity, elevation, and personal accomplishments.

I've been loving Londrelle and these beautiful songs to relax and vibe to. Here's an upbeat r&b meditation, that also includes Solfeggio Frequency!! If you read my last blog, then you know what happens when you tune into those frequencies.

Is it just me? Or does the end of the year feel like a perfect time to focus on growing opportunities? I tend to stay inside and spend time working on the things I may have pushed back during the warmer months. I focus on the aspects of myself I want to improve, I plan and make goals for the upcoming year. I reflect on the year and compare it to prior years..

Before I began comparing current years to prior years, I would find myself repeating some of the same cycles in life. Rather it be relationships, habits, finances, or self improvement, without reflecting the same issues would happen in different ways.. It helps release and creates awareness.. If you find yourself saying "why does this keep happening to me? or why do I always go through this"? I have a few tips to help you!


Tip #1 - Journal It

When you write things down you can visually come back and reflect or read on how you overcame a situation. If you have no one to talk to or just want to keep something to yourself, go ahead and write it down to get it out. If you are feeling overwhelmed and full of different emotions, go ahead and write it down. This is for releasing.. If you don't ever read it again that is perfectly fine.. This is an amazing tool to use to release those buildups in your subconscious mind.

Tip#2 - Rid of the things that don't make you happy!

You should already know what this means! It's 2022, baby if something isn't keeping you happy please let it go! If that job is not making you happy, leave it. If that relationship isn't improving, leave it. If the state you live in isn't for you, move. Our personal happiness has to come first because thats the only way we can be whole for anything or anyone else.

Tip#3 - Be kind to yourself

We are constantly learning and growing as individuals and sometimes we find ourselves in weird situations. It is important to be kind, use kind thoughts, and try to find the positive in all within. We can be our greatest enemies by being too hard on ourselves.. Speak gently.. We have enough negative around us.. Be the one to pour loving and charismatic energy into yourself daily. You deserve it!

May the upcoming year bring true bliss into your life

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