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A Calm Introduction

Welcome to My Blog! Get to know me..


Hello, my name is Alexis Lewis. As you know I have a candle business centered around relaxation and healing. Recently, I started this blog to share advice, tips, and stories on relatable topics. I've always been the goto person for questions and the one to provide a safe space for any conversation. So, I will be using this blog to share these things aloud.

I love music, poetry, nature, cooking, and most of all moving through life freely. I am a mother to an amazing son, while consistently growing as an entrepreneur. Meditation and Yoga keep me calm, but journaling is what gave me a kick start into healing. At 24, I can say life hasn't been the easiest but I love every bit of my journey.

Spend time with YOU!

This year is coming to an end and things can get a bit hectic. Take some time to do what you like, pamper yourself, take a vacation, try something new. We can get so wrapped up in life that we forget about ourselves.

Thank you for stopping by..

Each week I will be adding a new post, but just know this is only the beginning!

If you haven't checked out our current candles, give one a try. Yin & Yang has been the best seller. Our new collection will be focused on healing, so stay tuned!

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